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International Students

ÖSM International are friendly groups of international students, who meet together for community and bible study. We connect Christians at universities in Austria. Our groups and programs are open to all international students – regardless of religion, nationality or personal background. If you would like to meet the Austrian students, we offer quite a few opportunities for that.

Look for an international group in your city here: 

In the other cities the international students are part of the local cu (christian union) group, you can also have a look at their pages:

ÖSM is a part of the worldwide fellowship of IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), which is present in over 160 countries in the world. Find out more about IFES here: http://www.ifesworld.org.

Get in touch

To find out what is already happening in your university city, contact the local leaderteam or write to Hana if you want to get in touch with the ÖSM.
We'd love to get to know you!