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Student ministry is the main focus of ÖSM. That means that you as a student are at the right place - because YOU are the main focus! You can find an ÖSM group in almost all university cities. Just take a look at their online page and find out about the information of their specific program. Most of the groups meet up once a week in order to think about questions concerning life, to get to know God better and to have fellowship with other students. In addition to the regular meetings special events also take place (e.g. talks, coffee stands...) or you could meet up for a drink, or go to the cinema to watch a movie as a group… Come and see for yourself - we are looking forward to getting to know you. 

There are also some national events. Every year right before Easter, we have Forum. This is where all ÖSM groups across Austria come together to get input from the bible, have fellowship and fun. It's ÖSM’s largest yearly event. A smaller regular event is Student Equip, where the main focus is on education and training. Student Equip is in September every year. These opportunities should certainly not be passed up!

In addition to our local groups, there are also groups specifically for international students, and you can find more information about them on this page.