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// GEWAPPNET - Equipped (Online Edition)

Motviated christian students from all over Austria come together to worship God together and to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus. Together with our speaker Christian Bensel we will look at the letter of 2. Peter and how a life with Jesus works. Peter writes in his letter about important Do's and Don't's which we want to put into practise and the goal of our journey. Talking, games, praying and much more will be of course also part of the Forum.

English Translation will be provided


Date29th - 31st of March 2021

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Speaker - Dr. phil. Christian Bensel



Monday, 29.03.

Tuesday, 30.03.

Wednesday, 31.03.

9.30-11.15GEWAPPNET durch2. Petrus 1 mit Christian BenselGEWAPPNETdurch 2. Petrus 2 mit Christian BenselGEWAPPNET durch2. Petrus 3 mit Christian Bensel
 Kleingruppen + Q&A mit Christian BenselKleingruppen + Q&A mit Christian BenselKleingruppen + Q&A mit Christian Bensel



OPTIONAL: Business Lunch

14.00-15.30OPTIONAL: Anleitung für "Stille vor Gott"*OPTIONAL: Input um Kreativ zu sein* 
17.30-19.00GEWAPPNET durch Workshops & Seminare  
19.00-20.30OPTIONAL: Hang OutGEWAPPNET für Zweifel mit Christian BenselGEWAPPNET durch Gebet
20.30 - Open End OPTIONAL: Hang OutOPTIONAL: Hang Out