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One of the ÖSM’s core principles is that it is student-led. It is intended that students reach out to other students. However, the student groups (and especially their leaders) receive support from their respective staff member. Each staff member is responsible for the groups within a certain region, as well as an area of the ÖSM’s overall work.
The general secretary oversees the work done by the ÖSM. He is responsible for the goals, organization, staff care and evaluation of the entire ÖSM ministry.

Thomas Hagmüller

General Secretary

Responsibilities: coordination and overall management of the ÖSM’s ministry, international networking
Regions: Salzburg, Innsbruck

Christopher Wurm

Region: Wien


Rachel Fuchs

Region: Linz


Benjamin Dopplinger

Regions: Klagenfurt, Leoben


Samuel Weiser

Region: Graz


Student executive committee (SLK)

The national “Student executive committee” (Studentenleitungskreis/SLK) is comprised of the leaders of every city group in Austria. This committee meets once every semester to make decisions about strategic nationwide activities, as well as to exchange experiences and encourage one another. The SLK is lead by the SLK leader or the SLK leadership team (the leadership-leadership-team, so to speak).


SLK Leader

Responsibilities: SLK weekend, coordination of student group leaders in Austria


Besides its legal function, the board’s main responsibility is supervision (e.g. employees, finances, theological direction). Its membership is compromised of those who were actively involved with ÖSM when they were students.

Bernhard Kasberger


Email to Bernhard

Sarah-Joe Burn

Deputy Chairperson


Johannes Kasberger


Stefan Buser

Deputy Treasurer

Eleonora Drögemüller


Simon Waldmann

Deputy Secretary