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Hochschultage 2023

AI and Humanity
A future without God?

March 20-24 in Linz


Monday, 7pm: Game Night

Join us for some games and snacks
Location: Habakuk, Freistädterstraße 317b

Tuesday, 7pm: AI and morality: Can God play a role?

Progress in AI has awakened an widespread interest in formalizing morality and teaching machines to act ethically. But it also throws up a lot of age old questions - Whose morality? Whose justice? Can we arrive at ethics scientifically? In this talk,  I will explore moral questions raised by AI and what role God plays in our quest for designing moral machines.
Location: JKU, HS 6
Speaker: Dr Joshua Varughese

Wednesday, 7pm: Could AI become conscious?

The recent success of AI raises questions about what might be achieved in the future. Could AI achieve human level intelligence or even become conscious? This also raises a question for us: is there any fundamental difference between AI and the human mind? The talk also explores how AI relates to the Christian view that humans are made in the image of God.
Location: JKU, HS 15
Speaker: Dr. David Glass

Thursday, 7pm: AI, God and Immortality

Some people are concerned about the possibility that superintelligent AI could bring about the end of humanity. Others are much more optimistic: AI and related technologies could transform our health and happiness and even our bodies and minds to make us effectively immortal, like gods. The talk explores how these views compare with a Christian view on what it means to be human, the meaning of life and immortality.
Location: Habakuk, Freistädterstraße 317b
Speaker: Dr. David Glass

Friday, 6pm: International Food Night

A chill evening with free international food and time to hang out.
Location: Habakuk, Freistädterstraße 317b


Dr. Joshua Varughese
Joshua Varughese is currently working as a mobile robotics developer at a robotics company in Linz. Previously, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Graz. He wrote his PhD thesis at the Technical University of Graz on the unification of common swarm intelligence behaviors. His interests lie in self organization, swarm intelligence, swarm robotics, artificial intelligence on edge etc.

Dr. David Glass
David Glass is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, where he is part of the artificial intelligence research group. His current research lies at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, and philosophy of science, and he has published many papers on a range of topics. He has carried out research and given talks on the relationship between science and belief in God. He is the author of Atheism's New Clothes (IVP/Apollos), and contributes to the apologetics website www.saintsandsceptics.org.