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Vision, strategy, structure


Experience God. Live out your faith. Change Austria.

We want to experience God, we want to meet him. These experiences shouldn’t, however, remain only theoretical and private, we want to live our faith out - personally, as Christians in our studies, as well as within student groups. The way we want to achieve the latter is through making the Christian faith a socially relevant theme at the universities. Our desire is that students become life-long disciples of Jesus. Through this we want to contribute to the fact that individuals, and through them consequently all of Austria, will be changed – through young men and women, who love Jesus and are ready to recognize their responsibility in the church and in the society.


Our task is, in the community of students, who authentically live out their faith in Jesus Christ and see themselves as the prolonged arm of the churches at their universities, to invite our classmates to this personal faith and a life with Jesus Christ.


Strategic Goals

  • Formación: ÖSM wants to equip students and make them consistent followers of Jesus.
  • Mission (Evangelisation / World Mission): We want to make the Christian faith a theme at universities and invite our classmates, teachers and friends to get to know Jesus Christ.


Groups, Leadership Teams and the Student Leaders Network

The most important part of ÖSM are the city groups. These are organized in a variety of ways, each according to their needs and strengths. Based on their size, they may divide into smaller groups and teams.
Each student group has at least one leader, or, usually, a leadership team. It Is in this way that the students are taking up responsibility. All leadership teams from all of Austria form together the national Student Leaders Network (in German: Studentenleitungskreis, or ‚SLK‘). This committee, which meets once a semester, makes decisions about strategic, nationwide steps of action and is a platform for exchanging experiences and for mutual support.  
The ‘SLK’ is led by an SLK-Leader or an SLK-Leadership Team (i.e. the “Leader of Leaders Team”).

Full-Time Employees

The groups and leadership teams are supported by full-time employees, the so called “travel secretaries”. They coach, train and accompany the students (English: “ÖSMer”; German: “ÖSMler”) in their respective city. When there is no travel secretary in a particular city, the leadership teams are supported by group tutors (usually ex-ÖSMer). The overall responsibility for the work nationwide is carried by the General Secretary.


The Association

The legal basis of ÖSM is created through the association „ÖSM-Christen an der Uni“. The council of the association is responsible for the employment of the full-time employees, the budget, the representation towards third parties, and the theological orientation.
The council consists of volunteers: of the SLK leadership team and of graduates (usually ex-students, who were active in ÖSM during their study time and still identify with the goals and the work of ÖSM).


The ÖSM is financed through donations from graduates, churches, students and all of those, who think the work of ÖSM is worth investing in. Most of the donators are from within Austria. If you would like to support the ÖSM, you can find our donations account here.